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Thursday, August 03, 2006

QUO VADIS UN – Are we, really, slaves of International Community?

Frankfurt's news

The Incident of Steven Schook While Being Guest of TV Most

Branislav Krstic

Within the visit to the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija, the acting
SRSG, former American general Steven Schook was the guest of local Serbian
TV station "Most" in Zvecan. His hostess, a RTS journalist, Ljiljana
Jankovic says to Vesti that she did not want to provoke Schook in any way
who gave unprincipled answers and was extremely aggressive.

-I do not know why Mr Schook reacted that way, but I asked him the questions
that would any other Kosovo Serb resident raise. He left the studio visibly
upset and nervous, even blaming me that I had provoked him.
Also, in a moment, he asked me if I knew who was murdering Serbs throughout
Kosovo as he did not know, that is what he said., says Ljiljana Jankovic.

During the interview, while making remarks on the security situation in the
North of Kosovo, Schook said it was at a very high level and Belgrade was
not safer, too. Asked to make a comment on the last month's incidents in the
North of Kosovo, Schook said they were not resolved yet.

"Serbian MUP has promised us a help to investigate the incidents in the
North of Kosovo, but they failed to do so", said Schook which made Ljiljana
Jnakovic laughing.
"Can't be that the Serbian MUP is in charge of security and safety for
Kosovo Serbs', said Jankovic.

After 30 minutes of a quite tough and unpleasant discussion, Schook had a
look at his watch, stood up and said, " We had the 30-minute-deal and I am
leaving now as having other obligations, too. Jankovic asked him for two or
three additional questions that was refused by Mr Schook. However, he agreed
to have a seat again so that they could conclude the show.

As TV staff said, Schook has criticized them after the interview and while
leaving the studio, in the hall all the time was yelling and insulting
UNMIK' s head of the DPI, Alexander Ivanko from Ukraine and his first
spokesman Gyorgy Kakuk.

For more information:
Tatjana Lazarević
Press Information Assistant
OSRSG/DPI/Press Office Mitrovica
+381 38 504 604



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