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"You showed me the church of Yours as the source of health", Dusan's gift charter. -Full reconstruction was interrupted... -In June 1999 a monk from the monastery, Fr. Chariton, was abducted. -Now - a spiritual center gathering the remaining Orthodox people from Prizren and around. The young monastic brotherhood is full of religious enthusiasm and remains confident that one day Holy Archangels will be completely reconstructed.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Discussion with an Albanian Islamic Fascist about Serbs and Kosovo

I think these interviews - with Father Benedict and now with an
Albanian in Britain who has told me twice he is an "Islamic Fascist" - need
to be distributed all over the world. There are a lot of people out there
who only know what they have been told about Serbs. It never ceases to
amaze me that so much totally false information is believed in this world if
someone repeats it often enough. Serbs have proof that somehow never
tell the world about. I am often accused, as I am in this exchange below,
of being paid by the "Serb Lobby" for writing my articles. Had there BEEN a
Serb lobby 10 years ago when I first started writing about the break-up of
Yugoslavia, it would not have taken me so long to figure out what the real
arguments are all about in the Balkans!.

Mary Mostert

Discussion with an Albanian Islamic Fascist about Serbs and Kosovo

By: Mary Mostert
August 23, 2006

In the past few days I've been corresponding with an Albanian reader in
Britain, who identified himself as Genci Sala. He said he was "shocked" at
my interview with
<http://www.bannerofliberty.com/BOL-06MQC/8-13-2006.1.html> Father
Benedict, Abbot of Holy Archangels Monastery in Kosovo. He claimed my
questions and Father Benedict's answers showed that all I had written was
"put out by the Serb lobby there in the US."

He then challenged me to tell his side of the story. He wrote: "Are you
professional enough to discuss your article with me? I am one of those
Albanians that you call Islamic fascists. Exactly one of those Albanians
that saved all the Jews during the WW2. Never, and not at all one of those
Serbs, fighters of values that exterminated 95% of the jews living in

World War II ended in 1945, which is 60 years ago. Although I wondered how a
29 year old could have been "one of those Albanians that saved all the Jews
during WW2", I wrote back and suggested that he give HIS answers to the 11
questions I asked Father Benedict, plus a 12th question pertaining to
Albanians and Jews.
Question # 1 was: "Could you briefly tell our readers what was going on in
Kosovo back in 1343 and why King Dushan built the monastery?"

Sala's Answer: "Question 1 is wrongly formulated, and very biased in an
answer expectation. King Dushan never built any monasteries in Kosova. If he
built any, then, never, and I repeat, never would it be the monastery
mentioned there.
There's quite plain evidence that the monastery is way older than the year
in question, and there's plain proof that THAT MONASTERY HAD BEEN AN
you had at least the minimal historical education, you should have been well
aware of the fact that Serbs weren't even close to Kosova at the time we're
arguing. If, in any occasion, by any chance, should you argue that, the fact
is that the iconography found in the inner, oldest layers of the monastery
walls appears to be of quite a different style from the Slavic style of
icons. Later it was covered, by Slavic iconography, after which we have the
transformation in mosques, and then again in orthodox shrines.
"King Dushan, (Stefan Dushan) spent his life since his early age fighting
against his father, Milutin, in first place, and then waging (sic) war
against Herzegovina, Constantinople (Byzantium), invaded Albania(Kosovo,
Macedonia and Eirus) thus proclaiming himself king of the Serbs and the
Greeks by stopping at the gates of Thessaloniki.

"Established the Serb patriarchate. He was a tyrant and a despotic ruler.
Still, I don't see what the hell this has to do with the resent, the
intervention of the freedom fighters (KLA and US), the Serb terror over
Albanians and the rest of non-Serb world. You have asked the devil where he
lives. Well, you found him. probably you should read more; maybe an
independent source wouldn't harm your wit."

Mary: Actually, the history and the royal line of the Serbian kings are
well-documented through recorded history and archeology. Stefan Dushan
became the king of Serbia and the Greeks in 1346 over lands which did
include Kosovo. Milutin was king of Serbia from 1282-1321 AD, and died when
Stefan Dushan was 10 years old. He wasn't Stefan Dushan's father. King
Milutin was King Dushan's grandfather. I doubt if 10 year old Dushan had
really been "fighting against his father, Milutin" from birth to age 10.

Question 2 asked Father Benedict to tell us about the History of the
persecution of Serbian Orthodox Christians during 500 years of occupation by
Turkish Muslims, and Question 3 asked him to comment on the fact that during
that 500 years somehow the Serbs remained faithful to Jesus Christ in spite
of having their sons kidnapped and raised in Turkey to be Islamic terrorists
to persecute their own people.

Sala dismissed questions 2 and 3, and questions 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 as
irrelevant. (Those questions are fully answered
<http://www.bannerofliberty.com/BOL-06MQC/8-13-2006.1.html> by Father
Question 4 was about a member of Holy Archangels community, Father Chariton,
who was kidnapped by the Kosovo Liberation Army in 1999 and beheaded. His
body, but never his head, was found in 2000 in an Albanian cemetery. I asked
"Has either KFOR or the Albanian government of Kosovo ever arrested and
prosecuted anyone for that atrocity?"
"Which atrocity? Priests, allegedly and supposedly should work for peace, to
spread the word of Jesus in this stupid world, and not engage themselves in
politics, especially when it treats the destruction of a nation and
proclaims the supremacy of another. It is the Serb Orthodox Church (that is)
to be blamed for most of the fires lit in the Balkans, for the atrocities
against innocent civilians, in Bosnia, in Kosova, in Croatia and elsewhere.
"It is now more than 300 000 heavy casualties, innocent lives that yoke upon
the "church" of Serb nationalism. But, of course ma'am, you are innocent
enough to buy whatever sold to you the cheapest! All the following questions
are way too stupid to deserve an answer. You in your "cunningness"(surely,
it is a plain effort of yours to martyred Serbs, especially by depicting
them as "loyal to Jesus Christ"... but, surely there's no intelligence used
in all this at all, as you should adapt your intelligence to the level of
your subscribed readers' IQ, which, honestly, is lower than Homer Simpson's"

Mary: After reading that incredible dismissal of the beheading of Father
Chariton, it struck me as a good example of the real issue at hand in
Kosovo. Genci does not deny that Father Chariton was kidnapped, tortured and
beheaded by the Kosovo Liberation Army, the group trained by Osama bin Laden
and armed by bin Laden and Iran and supported with air power by the USA and
NATO. He just tells me it wasn't an atrocity and follows that with a garbled
and totally bizarre definition of "what a Christian is." He not only claims
the Serbs "killed more than 400,000 people (up from the 300,000 that the
Serbs killed in the preceding paragraph) but even blamed it on the Serbs not
"caring about" Kosovo!
He then concludes by saying: "Let's jump now to the last section of your
interview with the man of "god"...ranting about how "the war claimed way
over 20,000 Albanian lives. . Belgrade doesn't care about Kosova! They know
Kosova has never been Serb, nor has it been part of Serbia, neither of
Serbian identity. Kosova is the richest region in the Balkans. It has never
been the cradle of the Serb civilisation; should it have been, all the Serbs
should gather and pray to Albanians as they appear to have been the very
creators of Serbian populace and nation."

My Question 8, which Genci would not answer, was,: What do you believe will
happen to the remaining Serbs, their churches and the monasteries in Kosovo
if the international community hands it over to the Albanian Muslim majority
as is being demanded?

He did, however, answer Question 12. If Kosovo becomes part of Albania or an
independent Albanian country, what will the policy in the new nation that is
formed be towards Jews, Serbs, Romas and other minorities and their
In World War II, the approximately 1000 Jews in Kosovo and in Albania were
transported to the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp in the summer of 1944.
Between 1941 and 1944, six hundred Jews from Greater Albania were sent to
their deaths in various concentration camps around Europe. Four Hundred of
them died at Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. After the NATO bombing of
1999, all remaining Jews in Kosovo fled to Israel. Today, there are only 10
Jews in all of Albania and apparently non in Kosovo.
Since 1999, Albanians have burned down or blown up over 150 Serbian
<http://www.renewamerica.us/columns/mostert/060812> Orthodox Christian
Churches, many of them 700-800 years old.
Sala replied to that with a claim of Albanians having "a 5000 years long
documented history in the Balkans. Call it a new nation? Well, you should
have known Noah, probably Adam.... Israel was nowhere at the time when
Albanians were creating the European civilisation and nations." (!??) After
taking the credit for the civilization of the entire continent of Europe,
Sala concludes:

"What will happen to Serbs?
"I suppose, they should get their future in their own hands thereafter. They
should try to integrate themselves into the society. They already have more
seats than they should, according to the proportional vote in Kosova's
parliament. They have their counties, their seats in counsels, the central
government, in the parliament even in the staff of the president. They are
playing the "brave" game of boycotting, stringed and puppeted from Belgrade,
in order to 'assure stability' in the region; as they have always done, in
fact, only with the slight smear of some 400 000 killed civilians in less
than 10 years in their(Belgrade's) biography.

He ended with some advice to "Serbs of Kosova," who "should stop looking
towards Belgrade as their protector." If they really wanted to see a prosper
Kosova, if they really care about Kosova. They should start thinking about
the future of Kosova, if they really consider it the best part of their
national heritage... It is very weird the fact that it is Serbs who are seen
as timid and mistrustful towards Albanians... while Albanians were their
victims no longer than 7 years ago!"
Mary: In 1999 the American Air force bombed the Serbs for 79 days because,
President Bill Clinton said in an address to the nation on May 13, 1999, the
html> bombing was justified because
"Nine of every 10 Kosovar Albanians now has been driven from their home;
thousands murdered; at least 100,000 missing; many young men led away in
front of their families; over 500 cities, towns and villages torched. All
this has been carried out, you must understand, according to a plan
carefully designed months earlier in Belgrade."

Where did President Clinton get that figure and the wording that it was all
"designed months earlier in Belgrade? His words are almost the same as
Sala's, who tells me in an e-mail:

"I am one of those Albanians that you call Islamic fascists."
Other Albanians, leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) apparently
repeatedly told members of the Clinton administration officials such as
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Secretary of Defense Cohen, and
Christian Amanpour, a Muslim, who was reporting the story from Kosovo
worldwide for CNN, the the Serbs had killed hundreds of thousands of
Albanians, and that that they were buried in mass graves. That would have
been a remarkable feat since the Albanians not only had a large well
equipment army, the KLA, but also outnumbered the Serbs 10 to 1 in Kosovo.

In addition, while the Serbs had no lobby in Washington, the
Albanian-American lobby spent million lobbying Congress, with Bob Dole the
largest recipient of $1 million. The Serbs were hit from both sides of the
To find the bodies and bury them with proper Muslim rites and to gather
proof of the genocide for use in the Hague trial of Slobodan Milosevic,
after the bombing was over, scores of forensic experts from other nations
were sent to Kosovo to uncover the "mass graves." After months of digging up
areas identified by Albanians as "mass graves" containing between 100,000
and 400,000 dead Albanians, Emilio <http://www.converge.org.nz/ma/scook.htm>
Perez Pujol, a pathologist who led the Spanish forensic team said: : "I
calculate that the final figure of dead in Kosovo will be 2,500 at the most,
including lots of strange deaths that can't be blamed on anyone." . . .
The quote above is from a paper published in New Zealand. The American
media, that was defending Clinton at the time, didn't think the American
people needed to hear about what those forensic exerts looking for the
"proof" of genocide in order to convict Milosevic and the Serbs DIDN'T find.
We live in a strange world. It appears that most Democrats who supported
Clinton are still sure that the Serbs needed to be bombed, have part of
their country confiscated and handed over to Islamic fascists, even after
the forensic exerts proved no "genocide" had taken place, while at the same
time they tell us that President George W. Bush was totally wrong to invade
Iraq (a href= http://www.usaid.gov/iraq/legacyofterror.html) where 400,000
bodies HAVE been found in mass graves, victims of the official terrorism of
Saddam Hussein's government.
As for the Serbs, they appear to be in much the same boat as the Israelis -
surrounded by hostile Islamic Fascists who seem determined to finish what
the Nazis and the Fascists of the 1930s and1940s started.
Other references:
1. See: A <http://historymedren.about.com/library/atlas/blatmaserb1.htm>
Central Intelligence Agency map which shows the boundaries of Kosovo and
Metohia in 1196 AD, 1356 AD., 1389AD and the International and Republic
Modern boundaries.
2. See Archeological
<http://www.rastko.org.yu/arheologija/djordje_jankovic.html> research shows
NO Albanian presence in Kosovo the Middle Ages.


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