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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Bombers Dream

The Bombers Dream, a 90 minute POV documentary, tells the extraordinary and controversial story of a century of strategic bombing. Of how bombers dreamt of using air power to precisely attack their enemy. But how civilians became the main victims of 20th century war. How we came to have such power. How it has changed with technology. Where it will go in the future. Director Barry Stevens explores how we abandoned the old rules of war but also looks at how people are trying to rebuild those rules.

www.ckcufm.com -- "Monday's Encounter" -- ON AIR on August 7, 2006 at 6:00
P.M. EST-- TO HEAR the show after the airing, click to:
http://f2.pg.briefcase.yahoo.com/pertep (go to CKCU and pick the show)
"THE BOMBER'S DREAM"- Documentary targets the issues and ethics of bombing
civilians. The documentary is a landmark, feature-length film that takes a
hard look at the hidden history of the most significant military innovation
of the past century. Directed by award-winning Canadian filmmaker Barry
Stevens, the film addresses the heated moral controversy of aerial bombing
and looks at a recent high-tech air strike that went tragically wrong,
resulting in the first-ever lawsuit by the victims against those who bombed
them. It tells the story of Vesna Milenkovich, who lost her daughter Sanya
when the bridge in Varvarin was bombed in a NATO air strike. Milenkovich
joins other injured townspeople to seek justice in a foreign court. Why was
he interested in making the movie and what is the massage of the movie? To
find out we are joined by:

- BARRY STEVENS - A writer, director, and producer of many documentaries,
Barry Stevens is perhaps best known for " Offspring " (2001). It was sold
to about 40 countries and nominated for an International Emmy, and received
the Donald Brittain Gemini for best social documentary, and other honors.
His writing awards include Geminis for Gerrie & Louise, (1997 International
Emmy for Best Documentary) and The Diary of Evelyn Lau (featuring the screen
debut of Sandra Oh). [*E]

"THE BOMBER'S DREAM" - will be shown on HISTORY TELEVISION, Canada Monday,
August 7, 8pm ET/5 pm PT (repeat at 12 midnight ET/9 pm PT).



Blogger Steve Hayes said...

I wonder why Nato didn't bomb Israel a month ago. KIt was behaving far more aggressively than Yugoslavia was in 1999.

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