Holy Archangels' Monastery near Prizren, Serbia

"You showed me the church of Yours as the source of health", Dusan's gift charter. -Full reconstruction was interrupted... -In June 1999 a monk from the monastery, Fr. Chariton, was abducted. -Now - a spiritual center gathering the remaining Orthodox people from Prizren and around. The young monastic brotherhood is full of religious enthusiasm and remains confident that one day Holy Archangels will be completely reconstructed.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Russian statistic

Duh hristianina (The Spirit of Christian)

Question: Are you agree with US politics in Balkan?
Yes-----1%---------No--83%-----I don’t know--16%

Q: Do you think that Kosovo must to be Serbian?
Yes----84%---------No---3%-----I don’t know--13%

Q: Does NATO countries have to rebuild destroyed holy places of Serbia?
Yes----86%---------No---5%-----I don’t know---9%

Q: Do you recognize that Tribunal of Haag has credibility?
Yes-----6%---------No--81%-----I don’t know--13%

Q: Do you think that Albanian terrorists of Kosovo must be stopped?
Yes----93%---------No---0%-----I don’t know---7%

Q: Do you think that Kosovo events are indirectly aimed to destroy Orthodox Christianity in Russia?
Yes----72%---------No--12%-----I don’t know--16%

Q: Is imperative for Russians to be active in protection of Serbian people?
Yes----91%---------No---0%-----I don’t know---9%



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