Holy Archangels' Monastery near Prizren, Serbia

"You showed me the church of Yours as the source of health", Dusan's gift charter. -Full reconstruction was interrupted... -In June 1999 a monk from the monastery, Fr. Chariton, was abducted. -Now - a spiritual center gathering the remaining Orthodox people from Prizren and around. The young monastic brotherhood is full of religious enthusiasm and remains confident that one day Holy Archangels will be completely reconstructed.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Children of Kosovo Bishop hunting in Africa

Until Serbian Church is very persecuted in Kosovo&Metohija and Vardarian Macedonia (FYROM), It bear fruits in other parts of the world: In USA (California, Alaska) a number of monasteries with native Americans went to jurisdiction of SOC, the most of French Orthodox people with few monasteries is part of SOC, the Spanish Orthodox priest padre Nectari (Church of Saint Nektarius of Eguina, the first called from Navata (Girona), in Spain) said in recent letter:
Our parish belongs to the Serbian Patriarchate and our bishop is Vladika Luka (Kovacevic) of Paris.
We are attentive to all the news that arrive of Serbia and we pray for Kosovo, cradle of our Church.
I give thanks to God for the new Martyrs and I pray to them that they intercede for the Serbian people that has been accused wrongly of so many wrongs.
The truth will prevail on the lie. The day of the Terrible Trial many will be embarrassed by their wickedness...
On the end of this story are fathers Panteleimon and Spyridon (who was in Monastery of Holy Archangels during Kosovo Catastrophe in 1999.) , parish priests in Serbian church "Saint Tomas" in South Africa. About their missionary you can read in recent post of our brother in Christ deacon Steve Hayes:
-Youth day - 2006



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