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"You showed me the church of Yours as the source of health", Dusan's gift charter. -Full reconstruction was interrupted... -In June 1999 a monk from the monastery, Fr. Chariton, was abducted. -Now - a spiritual center gathering the remaining Orthodox people from Prizren and around. The young monastic brotherhood is full of religious enthusiasm and remains confident that one day Holy Archangels will be completely reconstructed.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

"Orthodox Christians" also may to persecute

We are witnesses of a huge torture continuously being enforced against our bishop and spiritual father, his grace Artemy. He is being obstructed in every possible way, even by members of Serbian Orthodox Church. By putting pressure towards him they know that they are at risk of the Kosovo&Metohija region staying a Christian land. This proves that those people do not hesitate by any means in their aim to eliminate him.
The reason to prosecute him is his zeal for morality in Church. (A month ago it was published by some media that Albanian narco-mafia blackmailed Serbian bishops: “If you don’t stop Artemy in his battle for Kosovo we will publish proofs of sexual immorality of some of your church's bishops.”)
Another reason may be his zeal for truthful doctrine of the Church. He clearly unmasks heresy of “Ecumenism”. Because of this he is a thorn in the eye of many. Last year, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, on Orthodox bishops' session from throughout the world, acclaimed him: -It was referred to me by Belgrade: "Unfortunately, bishop of Ras-Prizren and Kosovo&Metohija went to schism.”
Fortunately, his Belgrade sneaks were not well informed.
With that being said and also knowing that many of his spiritual children are trembling before “mighty” rulers of this world we MUST say our word and defend our spiritual father and eminent Christian leader. The following text, which we are taking from Orthodox Christian Information Center clearly reveals not only uncompromising veraciousness of our beloved bishop but also reasons of enemies of Christianity to hate him:
The Serbian Orthodox Church Vis-á-Vis Ecumenism

A talk presented at the September, 2004 conference "Ecumenism: Origins, Expectations, Disenchantment", sponsored by the School of Pastoral Theology, The Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki, Greece. Translated by Snezana Ivanisevic De Berthet.
Ecumenism is a child of the 20th century. It was born at its outset, experienced a metamorphosis in the World Council of Churches around the middle of the century and by its end, it was on its last breath being fiercely rejected. Unfortunately, it survived this crisis, and continues to trouble the Church of God in the 21st century.
This theological conference on ecumenism, in our humble opinion, is long overdue but not hopelessly so. Therefore, we thank God, as well as all those who worked to make this eminent gathering possible, in order that the issue of ecumenism may be considered from various perspectives, which should be of great help to all local Orthodox Churches, as well as the Church as a whole and every faithful person. It will help the Church take the proper position toward this, not only the latest, but also the most dangerous ecclesiological heresy, which our well-known theologian, Fr. Justin Popovich, consequently called pan-heresy because it encompasses all heresies previously known in the history of the Church...more



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