Holy Archangels' Monastery near Prizren, Serbia

"You showed me the church of Yours as the source of health", Dusan's gift charter. -Full reconstruction was interrupted... -In June 1999 a monk from the monastery, Fr. Chariton, was abducted. -Now - a spiritual center gathering the remaining Orthodox people from Prizren and around. The young monastic brotherhood is full of religious enthusiasm and remains confident that one day Holy Archangels will be completely reconstructed.

Friday, May 05, 2006

BOOM of natality in "Independent State of Kosova", or something else?

In 1999. Kosovo became de facto independent Albanian state, with UN administration. During last seven years all but 20 elder Serbs left town, number of Turks, Roma comunity, Slav-Muslims decreasing, but...

type of geographical entity
city, town or place

name variants: local, historical, original or foreign names

geo-coordinates in degrees (decimal)

population figures
1981------61 801------census----other
1991------92 303------census---secondary
2006-----165 227----calculation

NEWS: By Aleksandar Pavic © 2006 WorldNetDaily.com
Kosovo: The real test of U.S. foreign policy


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